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Delivery & Payment


Dear Partners, please place your orders by writing to us at sale@nikaintl.com or call us at +1.310.651.8732. You are also welcome to place pre-orders for the chosen products at our website.

By the end of August 2016 our first 13 items will be ready for shipping from our warehouse. Starting from September 1, 2016 you can order and purchase these toys from our website according to the rules stated in CATALOGUE section. Until this time, you can place pre-orders for these toys.

Items displayed on our website are either:

-  In stock (at our warehouse, see the CATALOGUE section).

-  Being manufactured or shipped but have not arrived at our warehouse yet (PRE-ORDER section). 

- Shown as samples and templates for your own ideas (OEM section). The musical content of these items is shown for demonstration purposes only and we don't own the commercial licenses for these songs. You can order any desired item from the OEM section and adjust it to your requirements by adding new accessories or changing the musical content (please contact us in advance to discuss the usage rights and licenses for the desired songs).

PLEASE NOTE: the items which are not in stock (from the PRE-ORDER and OEM sections) can be purchased on wholesale conditions only explained in these sections. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the ordering procedures.

 IMPORTANT! Please note that our toys already include high-quality alcaline batteries for in-store demonstration purposes only. The buyers need to replace the batteries after purchase to ensure proper operation of our products.



1. All invoices must be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), PayPal or wire payment to our bank account.

2. Net 30 terms are available only after the first order and are subject to credit approval and can be offered only to companies that have been in business for at least three years. The buyer must provide 3 current trade references and one bank reference. Please note that we reserve the right to reject a Net-30 application without further explanation.

3. Minimum opening order: 200.00 USD. Minimum re-order: 100.00 USD, but at least 2 pieces of each ordered item. 

4. CODs are not accepted.

5. A 1.5% monthly service charge will be added to past due accounts.

6. Special offers for full case orders (check our price list).

7. Please note that our special offers and the NIKA Starter Packages already include all discounts.

8. All rights reserved.


Our Freight Policy

1. We charge standard carrier rates for the orders.

2. The freight rates and terms for big wholesale orders can be discussed individually.

3. We do not charge any extra handling fees.

4. The orders are shipped on FOB terms from our Nika International Warehouse.


Back Orders

1. Back orders under 75 USD will be cancelled unless requested.

2. Full freight charges apply to all back orders.


Defective Policy

1. We offer 100% replacement policy for defective items. The client must notify our Customer Service within 30 days after reception of the order per email: support@nikaintl.com

2. Please inspect the shipping boxes after delivery and notify the shipping agent if you discover any damages that were caused during shipping.

3. All returns must be approved. Please ship them in original package and without price affixed. Please note that not pre-authorized returns will not be accepted.



Choose items at our website www.nikaintl.com using the PRE-ORDER NOW button to send us your order. Please contact us at sale@nikaintl.com or call +1.310.651.8732.

The MOQ for wholesale orders placed directly at our Chinese factory is 1,000 pieces for each item. We are open for inquiries to negotiate the suitable MOQ for you. In this case, please note that the wholesale price will be slightly higher than the usual one due to increased production costs for a smaller batch. We are excited to inform you that we are the only company that offers such small wholesale factory orders. On average, the prices for orders which are placed directly at our factory are 15-30% lower than the basic wholesale prices at the US warehouse. The goods are shipped on FOB Shanghai terms. All factory orders require a 30% deposit and the remaining 70% are paid when the order is shipped to the client's warehouse.

Usually the manufacturing process takes 2-3 months. We ship your order directly from our Chinese factory. If the order is less than one full container we can ship it through your freight forwarder as a LCL shipment. We can also discuss individual conditions and prices in case if you want to have your order delivered to our warehouse in the USA from where you can pick up the goods after their arrival.