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When you need a memorable gift, there is no better way than to offer a customized toy. Mark an occasion, offer a special edition, complete your product range or just please yourself and your partners with unique toys made especially for you. Our professional team has already delivered hundreds of OEM orders and is happy to create customized toys for you.

With our experience and capabilities we can create absolutely any toy to match your occasion and preferences. Our database of silhouettes, styles and patterns is at your service, but do not limit yourself and challenge us with your ideas! We are open to requests and will work closely with you to develop the toy you wish.

Below you can see samples items we created before. Feel free to use any of displayed styles or toys from our website as a template and complement them with chosen music/songs and different accessories (sunglasses, plush hearts, embroidery, etc.). You are also encouraged to make more significant changes (adjust the toy's shape, change fabric colour and type). Or create a completely new item based on your ideas!

Please note that the musical content of sample OEM-toys below is shown for demonstration purposes only. We do not own any commercial licenses for this content and do not sell toys with these songs. The use of any copyrighted musical content for commercial purposes requires the procurement of all necessary permissions and licenses. If you are unable to obtain the license for the chosen musical piece on your own, please let us know and we will do our best to help you clear the rights!

Should you wish to proceed with your custom made toys, this easy Initial Brief can help us get things started. Just fill it in and send it to our email sale@nikaintl.com (please indicate OEM ORDER in the subject line)

  1. Select a toy from our website OR send us pictures of the toys, characters or styles you like.
  2. Give a brief description of how you see this toy (designs, moves, sounds, styles, references etc.). Try to be as precise as possible.
  3. If possible, attach pics, videos, moodboards or anything else you think relates to the toy character you’d like to create.
  4. Send links/files to the audio content OR describe what kind of music/recording you’d like to have. We are happy to work on it with you. Please note that we will work only with legal content to avoid copyright infringement.

Also, do not hesitate to send us a description of your toy in a free form. Or contact us to discuss ideas together. We are excited to learn what you think!

The MOQ for OEM orders is 1000 pieces. Unless you place an OEM order, the development of a master sample will cost you 300 USD (this price includes the creation of the sample and all the necessary adjustments according to your comments and remarks until you are totally satisfied with the result). If you place an order for an OEM batch based on this sample, it's cost will be deducted from the total amount of the order. For your convenience, we offer complementary master sample design for placed OEM orders.

Country Bear

The cute Country Bear is made of soft and attractive looking brown fur and holds a little banjo in his paws. This item is perfectly suitable for country songs. But you can simply change the accessoires, add an individual touch and modify the character so that it fits your personal needs perfectly.

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Mickey the Bear

Mickey the Bear is handsome, charming and is an expert for good music! The traditional teddy-style Bear is made of high-quality brown fur. The image is complemeted by the stylish vest and black bow-tie. This item is a great option for lyrical and emotional songs and makes a perfekt romantic gift.

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Fashion Bear Girl

The coquettish snow-white Fashion Bear Girl with stylish accessories (a big pink bow and a trendy purse) will be happy to perform her favourite song for you while moving to the music. It's an amazing present for every woman who has a flair for the romantic style and exquisite embellishments.

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Chappie the Bear

Chappie looks so cute and charming in his striped scarf! The charismatic bear who moves from side to side to the performed music is suitable for a huge variaty of sound contents: traditional nursery rhymes, love songs or even groovy rock hits (if complemented with corresponding accessories).

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Surprise Bear

The amazing Surprise Bear is made of soft light-pink plush and it's the perfect romantic gift for any occasion. The main feature of this product is the little box in his paws. You can use it as a real gift box and put an extra present or some sweets inside or use it to store special keepsakes.

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Romantic Bear

This amazing white bear with an expressive glance is perfectly suitable for the most romantic songs. He'll become a perfect St. Valentine's Day or anniversary gift and will be loved by girls and women of all ages. You can complement his image by adding such details like flowers or a big plush heart.

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Adriano the Bear

The charming dark-brown bear Adriano wearing a cosy striped sweater adds a new touch to the classical teddy bear concept. Depending on the included musical content or sound effects this item can become a great gift for people of all ages. Or do you know somebody who doesn't love teddy bears?

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Goodwin the Bear

The handsome bear Goodwin is one of the most luxurious items in our wide bear collection. His soft fur shimmers with different shades of brown and the pretty blue bow adds an extra festive touch to his appealing image. It's a great romantic gift and a perfect product for beautiful love songs.

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Amelia the Beautiful

The beautiful white bear Amalia in an amazing item for a wide range of musical and song content. The sample shows the patriotic version with an “I love USA” embroidery but you can change the embroidery design according to your requirements and choose a motive that matches your musical content.

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Beau Đ’ear

The charming and stylish Beau Bear is a true romantic! He wears a trendy jacket with a blue-and-white striped pattern and a tie and holds a pretty butterfly on his paw. This charismatic bear will melt every woman's heart! The item is suitable for classical love songs and romantic serenades.

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Billy Bear

This guy from the countryside is the perfect choice for popular country songs and catchy folk music! Billy Bear who is made of high-quality brown plush fur has a very attractive appearance and such details as the traditional hat and the tiny banjo in his paws complement the image perfectly.


The charming bear Walter offers one more variation of the traditional teddy-bear style. The simple black vest makes this product very versatile and suitable for a very wide range of sound and music content from well-known retro-hits to contemporary pop and rock hits or funny children's songs.

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Scarlett is a little girl bear dressed in a pretty pink dress with embroidery. It's a very cute and adorable item that is a perfect option for hearty Mother's Day greetings and it's also a great choice for children's sound content. Simply change the embroidery design according to your needs!

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Melodic Marilyn

Melodic Marilyn is another female bear from our assortment. The cute beige-brown bear with a pretty pearl necklace on her neck combines the classical teddy-look with a touch of modern elegance. This product is perfectly suitable for a wide range of romantic love songs with gentle female voices.

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Teddy bears always have been the most popular and frequently asked items in our product range and that's why we offer a huge range of different bear designs. Michael is one of the items with great personality. He is handsome, charming and also very versatile in regard to the musical content.

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Knotty the little snake
Little kids will surely like this cute little snake made of bright orange plush because Knotty in the most friendly and cute reptile you can only imagine! He sings a funny song with his cute cartoon-style voice while moving from side to side to the music! It's a perfect everyday item for children.

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Lincoln Grand

Lincoln Grand is really proud to be an American and shows his love to the country with great passion! The impressive appearance of this bear is perfectly suitable for patriotic songs and anthems. The toy can be complemented with a flag or other embellishments with the stars and stripes design.

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Maradonos the soccer player
Soccer is a serious sport but why shouldn't we add a touch of fun to it? Our funny soccer player wears a real soccer uniform. The character can be adjusted to any desired sports by changing the uniform design or adding special accesoires. We can even create a recognizable image of a real person.

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The cute light-pink bear Frankie is a real showman! Just look at the stylish accessories: the cute tiny hat and the pretty ribbon bow on his neck. Beautiful romances, passionate love songs, famous world hits or well-known classical tunes... This amazing and talented Bear can sing everything!

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Harlequin Bear

Harlequin Bear is a charming artist dressed in a dark pink plush costume with decorative buttons. He loves to entertain people and he is so delighted to sing his favourite song for you! This bear will always attract a lot of attention and looks great as a decoration for your kids or living room!

Romantic Duo

The main feature of this bear duo is the unique wireless technology which synchronizes their actions at a distance up to 5 feet. They do not only synchronize the music but also perform their song as a real duo so that each bear opens his mouth only when the corresponding voice is singing.

Marcia the Sheep

Marcia the Sheep is made of high-quality long-pile plush fur looking like real sheepskin. While performing her song she moves from side to side and opens her mouth synchronously to the song lyrics. This item is perfectly suitable for a wide range of songs and music pieces for different occasions.

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Molly the Sheep

The cute and charming sheep Molly is made of white curly plush fur. It's a very versatile item perfectly suitable for everyday children's products or for thematical content (for example it's a perfect item for creative happy birtday wishes, a get well soon message or christian nursery rhymes).

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Seanny the Sheep

The funny sheep Seanny will win every heart! The white plush fur is very nice to the touch. Seanny has such a happy laughter and moves his arms so funny that you simpy can't keep from smiling! Of course the sound content of this item can also be replaced by any other desired song or melody.

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Rock Sheeps

The main feature of this sheep duo is the unique wireless technology which synchronizes their actions at a distance up to 5 feet. They do not only synchronize the music but also perform their song as a real duo so that each sheep opens her mouth only when the corresponding voice is singing.

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Spotty the Giraffe
Spotty is a funny giraffe who loves summer, sunshine and sea holidays! Spotty holds a red-and-white safety ring in his arm and you can be sure that he will always be there for you to give you a helping hand and sing his favorite song! Let's sing and enjoy the summer together with Spotty the Giraffe!

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Mimi Sheep

Mimi Sheep offers a very unusual interpretation of the traditional sheep image. The bright red plush for along with the red accents on the lips, nose and hooves make this stylish sheep a real eye catcher! The image is complemented by a black veil embellished with flowers and a pearl wristband.

Mimi Sheep ver. 2

This variantion of our Mimi Sheep proves that sometimes a few details are enough to create a totally new impression of a character, for example they can turn a femme fatale into a bohemian lady! This version of Mimi is wearing a gentle pearl headpiece and holding a trendy clutch in her arm.

Rockin' Rowdy

Rockin' Rowdy is a cute country-style sheep boy. He wears a blue jeans vest with a cowboy neckerchief and holds a little banjo in his hands. It's a great item for use with popular country songs and traditional folk music and his artistic performance surely will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Happy rabbit

The funny rabbit is always happy and makes everyone around him happy, too! Just look how gentle he holds his beloved snack – a tasty and juicy fresh carrot. This charismatic character is a great and unusual gift for all people who share his passion for fresh vegetables and funny cheerful songs.

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Honey Bunny

Have you always thought of bunnies as something small, white and fluffy? Our Honey Bunny defies all existing stereotypes! But this big guy has not only big muscles: he has also a very big heart and lots of love to spend and the best way to express these feelings is the performance of a song!

Enrique and Co.

The main feature of this rabbit duo is the unique wireless technology which synchronizes their actions at a distance up to 5 feet. They do not only synchronize the music but also perform their song as a real duo so that each rabbit opens his mouth only when the corresponding voice is singing.

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The charismatic dog Domino with a pretty red bow differs from most our toys. Just look at his posture! He feels totally relaxed while singing his song and waives one leg to the music while dreaming about something. It's a perfect item for chill-out holiday songs or lyrical and romantic hits.

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Little Puppy

The cute little puppy is made of high-quality brown fur which feels so nice to the touch. The item is perfect for children's songs or funny phrases. When reproducing the sound, the cute puppy dances on the hind legs and wags its tail. The kids will be totally happy about such a sweet little friend!

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ABC Kitty

The little black kitty made of high-quality plush fur fabric is a nice and simple everyday item which is perfectly suitable for all kinds of children's songs, nursery rhymes or funny phrases. The pretty bow made of a red satin ribbon adds a nice and cute accent to the laconic product design.

Kitty Duo

The unique feature of this cute Kitty Duo is the innovative wireless technology which synchronizes their actions at a distance up to 5 ft. They do not only synchronize the music but also perform the song as a real duo so that each kitty opens her mouth only when the corresponding voice is singing.

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Pawla Baby Tiger

The cute baby tiger Pawla was created as part of our kid's toys collection that includes smaller and cheaper items with simpler design but same high manufacturing and sewing quality as the standard size toys. Pawla can be used for various children's songs, nursery rhymes or funny phrases.

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Sporty Monkey

The Sporty Monkey is a passionate fitness freak! He starts every morning with a nice early workout and his favourite equipment are the dumbbells. Sporty Monkey even starts to sing a motivating song while lifting the weights! Join him and add a bit of music and fun to your daily sports routine!

Marc the Monkey

Trendy, stylish, original... Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Marc the Monkey! This handsome guy has an incredible sense of style and combines a green vest with a retro bow tie and hip yellow sunglasses. Marc is the best choice if you want to add a special touch to popular contemporary songs.

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Monkey Balls

These bright-colored funny monkey balls will be great as everyday gifts for kids and grown-ups! It's not just a cute plush toy, you can throw and catch it like a real ball. And being hit or thrown against a hard surface, the toy starts to make funny screaming sounds just like a real monkey!

Silvio the little Mouse
The cute mouse Silvio is an unusual character which is perfect for funny everyday items. The combination of yellow fur with the bright red-and-white jacket makes his image even more visually appealing and the funny face expression will not leave anyone indifferent. Say 'Cheese' together with Silvio!

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Pretty Piggy

The amazing Pretty Piggy is so adorable and she knows it! The soft pink plush fur and the charismatic appearance make this item really special. Join the ranks of Piggy's fans! This product offers great opportunities to complement the design with different accessories and additional accents.

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Perry the Pinguin

Perry the Pinguin is the biggest rock star and music lover beyond the Polar Circle! The cute pinguin wears a pretty bow tie with a funky print and holds an (almost) real guitar in his wings. Perry will be a great choice for popular rock songs, classical rock'n'roll hits or catchy pop tunes.

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Peppie the Pinguin

The cute little pinguin Peppie was created as part of our kid's toys collection that includes smaller and cheaper items with simpler design but same high manufacturing and sewing quality as the standard size toys. Peppie can be used for various children's songs, nursery rhymes or funny phrases.

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Leonard the Anteater
Leonard may be one of our most unusual characters but we are sure that there are anough people in this world who are in desperate need of a singing and dancing anteater! Leonard is made of incredibly soft gray plush fur which is so nice to the touch and wears a stylish bow tie on his neck.
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Harry the Duckling

Harry the Duckling is made of high-quality bright yellow plush and is eager to share his sunny mood with everyone around him. The stylish sunglasses and accesoires make his image even more trendy and original. Harry is perfectly suitable for funny children's songs as well as popular hits.

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Maya the Bee
Bees were always well known for their hard-working characters, but did you know that they are great and talanted singers, too? The charming bee Maya will prove it to you! This sunny bee in stylish black boots and a trendy yellow sweatshirt is ready to sing and dance for you all day long!
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The wise Owl Hoo-Hoo

Owls are a big trend now and they are very popular among kids and grown-ups. Our Owl is a perfect item for every owl collection. The cute felt applique on the belly and the festive hat add an original touch to this item but of course you can change the details according to your requirements.

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The crazy horse Enver is the most funny guy you've ever met! Dressed like a real cowboy and holding a guitar in his hands, this item is a perfect option for country songs or catchy rock tunes. You need a good laugh? Simply call Enver! He spreads fun and excitement everywhere he only appears!

Chubby the Pony

Horses are not very popular among other teddy-style plush characters but or cute pony Chubby proves that horses are simply amazing as plush toys! This buddy is the perfect choice for everyone who is tired of the usual teddy-bears and other popular designs and wants something really special.

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Little Ollie
The cute fox Little Ollie was created as part of our kid's toys collection that includes smaller and cheaper items with simpler design but same high manufacturing and sewing quality as the standard size toys. Ollie can be used for various children's songs, nursery rhymes or funny phrases.
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