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Sound quality

The sound of our toys

We are convinced that the quality of sound is a vital component of animatronic toys. It is the combination of an original design, thoughtfully chosen musical content and most advanced sound quality what makes our toys appealing and distinguished. 

All components of the sound boards used in our toys are carefully selected by our experienced sound engineers. They pay precise attention to the size and shape of each toy because the fabric and filling materials retain sound waves and influence sound quality. The sound board consists of 2 major elements: loudspeaker and IC-chip.

  • Loudspeaker

We install loudspeakers only from trusted manufacturers. Usually we use up-to-date loudspeakers with 4 Ohm impedance and a diameter of 40-60 mm (depending on the toy's size) which give the sound most realistic acoustic.

  • IC-chip

The IC-chips in our toys are of Taiwanese origin and are highly regarded for their quality and reliability. We purchase only modern 13 bit single-chips that can be used to record big amounts of audio content with minimum compression.  Due to this chips, the recorded audio content in our toys have the quality of sound comparable to the quality produced by desktop computer speakers.

We never stop improving, thus advancing the quality of sound is one of our major priorities. Our main purpose in the nearest future is to upgrade the quality of sound to the Hi-Fi level, and we are working hard for this to happen.